Physical Therapy at PT 360 in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Preventative Therapy With Immediate Results

PT 360 Physical Therapy is conveniently located in Eastown Grand Rapids. It is the mission of PT 360 Physical Therapy to promote health and wellness in the community through our unique, holistic health approach to manual therapy which restores the body's natural balance thus achieving freedom of motion, strengthing of muscles, and pain-free living.

If you suffer from pain or limited mobility, PT 360 Physical Therapy is able to meet all your outpatient Physical Therapy needs. Patients receive experienced, quality time with a licensed Physical Therapist specializing in a holistic form of manual therapy.  Our unique approach increases muscle potential through repair of heteronymous stretch reflexes.  It is safe and beneficial for all ages, and our approach has had an overwhelming success rate with our patients.  Patients learn techniques to help maintain their body's natural balance and strength. We are passionate about healing.

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PT 360 will be closed Friday, April 18 to move to our NEW OFFICE! We will be open Monday, April 21 at our new location, 330 Fuller Ave. NE. Please click here to see a map to our new location. Dave and Jen purchased the building, and it offers a private parking lot and is more conveniently located near the 196 Fuller off-ramp. Please call our office with any questions.

Check out the article about Dave and PT 360 in this month's issue of Business Update. You can read the rest of the issue at Click here to read the article.

You can get entered to win a $50 gift card to a local restaurant with every referral you make to PT 360. For every new patient that mentions your name, we will include you in our monthly prize drawing. We will do a new drawing each month, so make sure to spread the news! Tell your friends, family, and neighbors to stop living with those nagging pains and call PT 360 and mention your name.

Dave and Patricia Barker the Artistic Director at the Grand Rapids Ballet were on NPR with Shelley Irwin on Monday, December 10. They will be discussing the 12'-13' ballet season, the GRB Juniors and PT 360's role as the Ballet's physical therapists. Click here to listen in case you missed it.